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React Native - Get Device Unique ID Using react-native-device-info

Sometimes it is necessary to find out device’s unique identifier. There’s a handy library that helps you to do that.

react-native-device-info will do that for you.


If you are using React Native >= 0.60:

yarn add react-native-device-info
cd ios && pod install && cd ..

The code above will automatically links the library to your project. There’s no need to link it, or manually add codes to Podfile.


This library surely gives a lot of handly methods to get infos from devices. Let’s see some of it.

  • getUniqueId(): It gives you unique identifier of each device both in Android and iOS.
  • getBatteryLevel(): It returns battery level of the device.
  • getDeviceId(): It returns something like this: “iPhone7, 2” or “goldfish” for Android
  • getIpAddress(): It returns IP address.


You can use DeviceInfo.getUniqueId() to handle device’s unique id.

import DeviceInfo from 'react-native-device-info';

DeviceInfo.getUniqueId().then(uniqueId => {
  // iOS: "FCDBD8EF-62FC-4ECB-B2F5-92C9E79AC7F9"
  // Android: "dd96dec43fb81c97"

Note that “getUniqueId()” returns a promise.